April showers bring… cute toddler rain boots!

With March coming to an end, April showers are just around the corner.  This means changing from winter boots to cute shiny rain boots.  I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to try out the adorable new rain bootz from Stonz!

Kaiden has been using his Stonz Booties all winter and they have kept his feet dry and warm as he has been exploring the snow filled ground.

He wasn’t walking last year at this time so he will get to experience for the first time the fun of jumping in puddles. I love that these bootz are 100% rubber and are PVC, phthalate, lead, and formaldehyde-free – all the things I look out for when purchasing anything for my little man.  Kaiden was very excited when the boots arrived and he got to open them.

We did order a size up so they are a bit big for him but this way he can grow into them. They look and feel very well made and flexible enough for the movement of little feet and legs.

He does walk a bit funny in them as he has never had tall boots on before, but he really liked them – he kept doing laps around the kitchen and family room. He was not impressed when I tried to take them off! Looking forward to taking them for a spin jump once the rain begins! :)

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  1. Kristina Gold Krizak   2013/04/01 at 9:44 pm

    So sweet!! Kaiden loved the boots heehee – love the look on his face when he saw the boots out of the box! Love the last pic of him in his ‘rain’ gear! Love the little guy! xoxo

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